Old Towne Ballwin Plaza – Ballwin, Missouri

KdG designed both on-site and off-site improvements for Olde Towne Plaza. Olde Towne Plaza is a redevelopment of what were antiquated residential and commercial properties along the south side of Manchester Road. Upon completion, the 25-acre site contains 225,000 sq. ft. of retail space, approximately 1,200 parking spaces, and one major vehicular entrance directly onto Manchester Road with two indirect connections through adjacent sites. Redevelopment involved removal of approximately 50 small structures, relocation of a historic school building, and removal or rerouting of existing utilities. A 30-foot high retaining wall constructed of rock boulders was designed, and the site was filled to meet the street elevation. A detention basin approximately 2 acres in area with a 1,400-foot long outfall pipe was designed to serve the entire redevelopment area. Major road improvements included: improvement and relocation of Jefferson Avenue, construction of Ballpark Drive, and the addition of three new right-turn lanes, a bus stop, median islands, sidewalks, and a signalized intersection with Ballpark Drive on Manchester Road.