Mercy Gift Shop & Pharmacy – St. Louis, Missouri

KdG’s Design Team transformed 6500 sq ft. of existing shell space into a new retail gift shop, pharmacy and support space. The project objective was to create a striking gift shop with a
“boutique” atmosphere that appeals to the five senses. The timeless style evokes a feeling of comfort and wellbeing, all while incorporating key aspects of the Mercy Brand. The design features a curved accent wall that “hugs” you as you enter the space and creates the feature wall of the retail shop. A linear “runway” of wood planks pulls you further in and draws the eye to backlit panels that display highlighted specialty products. The circulation is designed to radiate from the centrally located cash wrap desk and emanates outward onto the sales floor creating a unique experience for the guest as they browse through the boutique. The gift shop incorporates clean, simple lines with a neutral color palette that allows the merchandise to be the focus of the experience. Warm paint colors with a mix of light and rich chocolate brown woods add warmth to the space and create a timeless and approachable backdrop that is a key design element in the Mercy Brand.