Community Building – Eagle Pass, Texas

The Community Center Building is one of three buildings comprising the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas (KTTT) Community Plaza, along with the Health Center and Government Center Buildings.  All three buildings are connected by a pedestrian canopy which provides a visual and physical link between the buildings.  The 34,000 square foot single-story structure employs many passive solar design features that allow natural light into the main lobby and each interior department.  A central lobby provides access to each of the six major components in the building: a gymnasium with full high school size basketball court and 200 seat retractable bleachers, a fitness center with a shower/locker room area, meeting/event rooms with a single large meeting room divisible into three smaller meeting/event rooms, senior activities area, classroom/computer learning area, and teen activity areas. The building is designed so any one or combination of components can be open while the other components can be closed off.  This allows the building to remain open regardless of the clientele or age of the patrons. The Community Center and Education Building offers physical and mental strengthening through exercise, teaching, and social interaction.