The Brew Brothers – Various Locations

The Brew Brothers restaurant brand is an authentic brewery pub-style sports bar with an emphasis on upscale “pub fare” made with wholesome, fresh ingredients. The venue design supports the fast-casual menu creating a fun, relaxed environment featuring a huge selection of beer flavors on tap and utilizes repurposed beer bottles to create special décor lighting effects, such as the enormous signature three-tiered beer bottle chandelier centered in the dining room. Incorporating multitudes of televisions throughout the bar and dining room is key to the enjoyment of the patrons at Brew Brothers, and each TV is thoughtfully designed into the pub-style décor. Additionally, each restaurant celebrates the locality of its site by incorporating special regional elements unique to the neighborhood or town in which it is located. Critical to the operational success of the restaurant, the design of the seating areas encourages social interaction and is flexible to support large groups, yet can quickly retract to easily seat traditional groups of two and four people at any given time. The marriage of great food and a fun local atmosphere is captured in this successful restaurant design!