Rock Shops at Hard Rock – Various Locations

A major revenue-generating component of every Hard Rock property is the “Rock Shop”. Whether a Hard Rock Café, Hotel, Casino, Resort, or all of the above, this retail venue is of critical importance to the operation.  There are three design elements that make a successful Rock Shop. The first is visibility; it is of utmost importance that the Rock Shop be located so there are distinct sightlines from many different angles to the storefront. Second, a compelling storefront design to attract the consumer’s eye to the store, inciting an emotional response from the consumer identifying with the Hard Rock brand and the available merchandise. Third, a store design that accentuates the merchandise, reinforces the brand, controls the flow of consumer traffic through the space, and offers flexibility of display for many different types of merchandise. The Hard Rock – Rock Shop store design exudes energy, which is key to the brand. Kinetic elements, iconic memorabilia, and specialty lighting are incorporated to generate that energy.