Lady Luck Casino – Farmington, Pennsylvania

This addition of a new casino entertainment amenity utilizes an existing 50,000 sq. ft. building located on the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort property. KdG master-planned a renovation and expansion of the building to house a gaming facility consisting of 63,000 sq.ft. Respecting the existing building structure to increase efficiencies and reduce waste, careful architectural and engineering practices allowed the integration of underfloor slot machine wiring, extensive additional surveillance technology, vaults, count rooms, HVAC, and additional plumbing requirements. The “Modern Prairie Style” design concept creates a vibrant entertainment venue while capturing the essence of the Woodlands Resort style. The building expansion introduces facade elements that visually pull the structure out of the surrounding landscape, re-emphasizing the excitement within. The Casino boasts 600 slot machines and 28 table games. The table games are centered on the gaming floor and feature a canopy structure that captures the modernized Prairie Style design. Other casino amenities include a 133 seat Otis & Henry’s casual dining restaurant, and a 103 seat Lone Wolf Entertainment venue featuring a performance stage and express dining.